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October 1, 2011:

Hatch Billiards included in the October, 2011 issue of the magazine, Robb Report Collection

March 30, 2011:

Hatch Billiards featured on

March 30, 2011:

Report about the Architectural Digest Show

 I love showing everyone our pool table; especially since (being an engineer) the underside structure looks as good as the rest of it. We have several friends who have well-known commercially made pool tables and our table plays as well or better than any of their tables.

The choice of woods and unique design look wonderful in our home and qualify the table as a master work of art. 

Pam and Russ Demoray
Sedona, Arizona

Custom Pool Tables


If you love the game of billiards, extraordinary craftsmanship, fine art - or all three - your next game should be played on a luxury pool table from Hatch Studio. Guided by the vision of master craftsman Howard Hatch, Hatch Studio is dedicated to creating billiards tables in elegant and original contemporary designs from the most beautiful and durable hardwoods and inlays.


Our signature line of handcrafted pool tables draws inspiration from the Art Deco period, 20th-century sculpture, the American Studio Furniture Movement and Howard Hatch's years of experience to create something wholly new and unique: custom billiards tables and billiards room furnishings that stand apart as fully functional works of art.


Our custom billiards tables make a bold statement, but play with quiet assurance. Distinguished by massive inner wood construction from hardwoods such as Mahogany, Cherry, Rosewood or Cocobolo, our pool tables absorb sound and vibration and provide a rigid, grounded playing surface.  Our stain-resistant worsted billiards cloths are produced in one of England's oldest textile mills, our cushions have the highest natural rubber counts available and our slates are sourced locally from the very best purveyors in your area.


Each luxury custom billiards table features gorgeous inlays in wood, Mother of Pearl, metal or stone. And each Hatch studio pool table has our logo inlayed in Mother of Pearl - a mark of the highest quality, the artist's signature.


A Hatch Studio custom pool table is the centerpiece of any well-appointed billiards room, and can be accessorized with billiards furnishings from our signature line. Take your game room to the next level with complementary lighting, club chairs, settees, cue racks, gaming tables and coffee tables. Or, select one of these exceptional pieces for any room in your home or office.


Howard Hatch also accepts commissions for custom furnishings for corporate, institutional, educational, retail and liturgical clients. Howard is renowned for his ability to design and engineer stunning large-scale and statement pieces for board rooms, such as conference room tables and seating, as well as specialty work in altars, lecterns, cabinetry and much more.


Visit our riverside workshop in picturesque Brunswick, Maine, and see how each billiards table or furnishing is brought to life using a mix of old world techniques and modern methods. Browse the pieces of our signature line, or sit down with Howard Hatch to discuss commissioning an original custom design. Interior designers and architects are encouraged to bring projects or clients to the studio as well.


Inspired design. Meticulous engineering. The finest materials. Built by hand. Hatch Studio elevates billiards tables, game room accessories and large scale wood furnishings to an art form.


To obtain your own Hatch Studio billiards table - or to commission an original custom pool table - contact us today.

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