No game room is complete without custom furniture handcrafted to match your gorgeous pool table. We provide quality wood tables, lamps and chairs for any style room.

Kaleidoscope Lamp

Kaleidoscope Lamp

Playful multi-colored triangles adorn this lamp designed for today’s homeowner. This lamp is made of solid walnut and dyed veneers from Italy which are colored through their entire thickness.

Billiards/Bar Light

This Art Deco ceiling light is ideal as a billiards light as well as a kitchen island light, bar, or dining table light. This particular fixture was built for an 8 foot ceiling height. The verticals can be made for any height ceiling. The cones and angled piercing provide a strong Art Deco styling. Dimensions: 56″ long, 16″ wide, variable height. Pictured in Mahogany, available in any wood, with white glass shades.

Arch Cue Rack

Made of solid Rosewood. Holds 8 cues and 1 bridge stick. Two simple arcs make this an elegant sculptural cue rack.

Barrel Back Club Chair

Pictured in Mahogany with leather upholstery. A continuous enveloping line makes this over-sized chair inviting and comfortable.

Arch Gaming Table

Cherry, Rosewood, leather. 54″ diameter, seats 4 or 5. This table has 2 unusual drawers, which pivot open on hand cut wooden knuckle joints.

View Coffee Table

A companion to the “View” Pool Table, this coffee table, made of Cherry, is oriented so that differing aspects of these beautifully sculpted legs present themselves from any angle. The legs are connected with 2 hand-turned Cocobolo dowels. The 2″ thick top is accented with a 1″ deep dish. Dimensions: 48″ long, 18.5″ wide, 19″ high

Nimbus Setee

Made of mahogany with leather upholstery. 60″ wide, 25″ deep, 40″ high. The irregular shape of the back floats like a cloud.

Arch Billiards Light

Made of Cocobolo and Cherry. Dimensions including globes: 54″ long, 16″ wide, adjustable height. This light is designed to properly light an eight or nine foot table. Will mount easily to a ceiling or can be dropped from a high ceiling. This design also can be customized to fit an angled ceiling.

Bee’s Wing Coffee Table

Made of Bee’s Wing Makore. 55″ long, 23″ wide, 19″ high.

Conference Table

Made of Maple solid wood and Curly Maple veneer.  Dimensions: 19 feet long, 5 feet wide, 30 inches high. Although not a billiards related table, at Hatch Billiards, we make all kinds of furniture. We are known for large work. This conference table is made in 4 pieces which fit together with hidden hardware. The structure of the top is a “torsion box.” Inside the outer skin is a grid work of poplar sticks which when faced with fiberboard is exceptionally strong and, most importantly, stable. It resists the stresses of warpage which large tops of solid wood are subject to. The triangle pattern veneer makes a stunning statement. This table was fitted out with hidden electronics at either end of the table for video and sound.

Gaming Table

Made of Walnut, Walnut Burl, and Cocobolo, Mother-of-pearl inlay. Dimensions: 54″ diameter, 30″ high. This table was made to the client’s specifications in hefty proportions. The top edge is 2″ thick and the legs are 4″ in diameter.  This a is a very masculine design. The Walnut Burl center insert in the top is done in a 4-way match. Four matched pieces of burl form a Rorchack Test-like pattern. This design would be great in any wood, but the Walnut burl is a winner.

Chevron Coffee Table

Made of Cherry. Dramatic and contemporary, the 4 chevrons join at a sculptural hub in the center. This table can be enjoyed as a cocktail table or as a stand for display.

Scallop Cafe Table

Scallop Cafe Table

30″ high, 32″ diameter.

Base made of maple, top made of makore.

Custom Furniture -Chairs

Sherbert Chairs

This custom furniture set of handcrafted wood chairs are called Sherbert Chairs and are made of maple with translucent toned lacquer for color on wood and matching colors in velvet.

Custom Furniture -Wood Chair pic

Sherbert Chairs with Arms

These custom handmade chairs are made of maple wood with translucent toned lacquer for color with matching velvet.

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