Request for Part-time Woodworking Instructor – Fine Woodworking Program, Maine State Prison, Warren, Maine

Howard Hatch is the lead instructor for the Maine Prison Outreach Program based at the Maine State Prison in Warren. In this program we select 8-10 highly motivated individuals from the group of over 100 men who work in the larger Industries workshop. The goals are: to teach a high level of skills which is sought after by employers, to provide an outlet for creative expression, and to boost self esteem.

twin engine Cessna

Twin engine Cessna & Custom Pool Tables

Over the last ten years I have had the honor of traveling throughout the United States to assemble my custom made pool tables in many wonderful homes. Each table has been handcrafted in my studio in southern Maine with input in design and material from the buyer. Once the tables are complete I disassemble them […]

Billiards Digest Article about Hatch Billiards

Billiards Digest, one of America’s most well known and respected billiards magazines, interviewed me as a designer of custom pool tables. This article gave Hatch Billiards exposure to a new group of customers: People who are serious about the game and want to see the latest designs in pool tables and accessories.

Future Champion, Roger

Future champion, Roger, playing under a custom Hatch Billiards light fixture. He’s enjoying playing, practicing and he turned 11 yesterday, I gave him a new adam break cue. We cannot find competitions for youth around this area but keep looking for some place some time. And let you know one day when he won some matches. […]

Robb Report Collection

Hatch Billiards was included in an article on the evolution of billiards and billiards tables in the October, 2011 issue of the magazine, Robb Report Collection, “the leading authority on the luxury life style.” One of today’s most respected billiards table designers, Howard Hatch offers engaging insights into the state of contemporary billiards table design. […]