The Billiards Room isn‘t just any game room; it’s a space to highlight your billiards table. Room dimensions, furniture, and even lighting play a role in the perfect pool game.

Room Size

  • The most common size pool table for home use is an 8-foot table, which means the table has a 44″ by 88″ playing surface and is approximately 56″ by 100″ in overall size.
  • A tournament size table has a 50″ by 100″ playing surface is also called a 9-foot table. Tables are made in other smaller sizes, but I offer my tables in 8- or 9-foot sizes.
  • The minimum size room for an 8-foot table is 13 feet by 17 feet.
  • The minimum size room for a 9-foot table is 14 feet by 18 feet.
  • Rooms slightly smaller than these sizes can be used by cutting down the cues. See drawing below.



  • The lighting for a pool table should be comfortably bright without being glaring.
  • Typical height is 3 feet above the table or 5.5 feet above the floor. This puts the lower edge of the light fixture just below eye level for average height players.
  • The fixtures need not be made specifically for billiards. Typically 3 60-watt bulbs in 1 or 3 separate fixtures provide adequate light.
  • For an 8-foot or 9-foot table, the fixture should be about 4.5 feet long. This provides ample spread of the light without having the fixture be in the way. See drawing below.