twin engine Cessna

Twin engine Cessna & Custom Pool Tables

Over the last ten years I have had the honor of traveling throughout the United States to assemble my custom made pool tables in many wonderful homes. Each table has been handcrafted in my studio in southern Maine with input in design and material from the buyer.

Once the tables are complete I disassemble them carefully and white glove ship the pieces to their new home, this is the same shipping method used to send luxury furniture or fine art. I then personally fly to the tables final destination and begin the process of reassembling the table showcasing it in all it’s perfection. Each table is a work of art unlike the last. This process allows me to guarantee that each unique, custom pool table is built and assembled by hand and by me.

This assembly process also allows me to travel to beautiful places and meet interesting people. One delivery trip that stands out in my mind was made extra special when my son Travis came along with me. We landed in the evening much after the sun went down in Phoenix, AZ but the heat still rose from the ground topping out at 100 degrees. My New England blood could barely handle the heat. Luckily, my client pulled up with his AC on full blast and I sunk comfortably into the seat. We began a drive to Sedona where in the morning we would assemble the custom pool table base and rail system in preparation for the slate delivery.

My son and I awoke in our motel to one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. Many people call the area that was before my eyes the mini Grand Canyon. With the crisp mountain air in my lungs and the invigorating beauty of the location we headed to the client’s home to begin our work.

The client is an engineer and he was fascinated by every aspect of our work. With help from Travis we were able to complete the project before noon and were ready for the slate installation. As with all Hatch Billiards deliveries, I vetted the billiards suppliers in the client’s area finding a highly skilled technician to deliver, install, and level the slate to complete satisfaction. By 3 PM we were christening the custom, handcrafted pool table with a game of 8-ball.

Custom Pool Table
The next day was the true treat of the entire trip. My client invited us to fly in his beautiful twin engine Cessna which he keeps at the Sedona Airport right next to our motel. Travis, the client, his wife, and I flew together to the Grand Canyon where we landed at a small airport near El Tovar.  El Tovar is a massive log and stone lodge on the rim of the Grand Canyon, built in 1905. We ate lunch at the lodge and walked along the the edge in pure awe of the unfathomably deep canyon.

A day later we flew back to Boston.  Another Hatch Billiards custom pool table delivery was complete, but this time with the help of my son. As we landed in Boston, I could only think that Travis must feel his father’s job was amazing.