As a custom pool table maker, I have used many sources for materials and can offer my clients a wide selection. The materials listed below are what I recommend for overall performance and lasting beauty.


I offer inlays in wood, Mother-of-pearl, metal, and some stones. My signature logo is inlayed in Mother-of-pearl into every table I make. It represents the care and pride I put into all aspects of each piece I make.

Pool Table Fabric

Olhausen Billiards has partnered with one of the oldest textile firms in England, Hainsworth, to develop a fabric with one of the best billiards cloths available. The Olhausen Accu-guard cloth is a worsted fabric, which has been treated to prevent staining. Worsted fabric has long fibers for strength and a smooth finish. It is also installer friendly.

Pool Table Cushions

The best cushions are made of natural rubber with varying degrees of filler. I use Olhausen Accu-fast cushions, which have high rubber content. They will provide great service for many years.

Pool Table Slate

I purchase slate from both of the 2 major distributors in the US, which are Brunswick and Olhausen. I have sold tables as far away from Maine as California. I always purchase my slates from a dealer near to where the client is and make my choice of slate based on who is the most reputable dealer and installer.

Pool Table Wood

I select all the wood in my tables for color and grain match. This unity of grain and color which can be achieved by careful selection and cutting is a hallmark of a handmade table.

Most of my rails are made of Cocobolo, a stunning dark red Central American Rosewood. Rosewood has been traditionally used as rail stock for its beauty and density. It is resistant to dents from billiard balls hit too hard and charring from those overlooked cigarettes.

I make my bases from a variety of beautiful hardwoods including: Rosewood, Cherry, Bubinga, Mahogany, Curly Maple, and others.

Don’t settle for an inferior pool table – let us complete the table you deserve.